Whistler and Grouse Mountain posters, created in 1974 and submitted by the artist Lisa Salazar. I’ve featured some period artwork of Grouse Mountain before; one by Bob Masse, and another unsigned. I like how these two these two colourful contributions really capture the landscape and the excitement of the era as well.

From wikipedia:

Whistler was originally conceived as part of a bid to win the 1968 Winter Olympics, but a series of events led to the bids being withdrawn or losing to other cities. Construction of the resort started in spite of this, and the resort first opened for business in January 1966. The resort expanded extensively in the 1980s and 90s, becoming the centrepiece of a renewed bid on the part of nearby Vancouver. Vancouver/Whistler was selected as the winning bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics in July 2003. Whistler Blackcomb hosted the alpine skiing events, including the men’s and women’s Olympic and Paralympic alpine skiing disciplines of downhill, Super-G, giant slalom, super combined and slalom. The Dave Murray downhill course towards Whistler Creekside finally hosted an Olympic downhill event, 50 years after it was originally surveyed for this purpose.

Thanks for the submission, Lisa!

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